A13 Fuel Cell

Van Hool
Renewed, innovative and 100% emission-free public transport. With its balanced proportions and smooth lines, the inclusive design is timeless. The wraparound design gives a feeling of safety and security. The front is rounded and aerodynamic with a confident look. The flanks are sleek and quiet with plenty of space for lettering. The rear is clean and smooth with a large window that lets plenty of light into the interior. With its quiet operation and calming shapes, the bus can blend into any environment. The soft contours give the bus a friendly and reliable appearance. The interior is inviting, with soft shapes and lots of light all around. The bright ceiling and light flanks create openness. The unique climate control system and adaptive lighting convey a sense of well-being. High-end materials and precise workmanship exude quality. The bus is inclusive, which means it's easily accessible for everyone. The well thought-out design results in a smooth flow and an open feeling. The interior layout allows passengers to choose between privacy and interaction.