Exqui.City24 Fuel Cell

Van Hool
This BRT vehicle combines the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of a tram, and is the epitome of what quality public transport stands for. We have a vision for public transport in towns and cities, and Exqui.City is the exponent of this. The timeless and elegant design clearly distinguishes Exqui.City from traditional buses. It emphasises smooth and safe travel through the modern urban environment. Fluid lines, diffused lighting and an advanced ergonomic interior are all crucial to making the trip a relaxing experience for the passengers. The unrivalled flexibility of Van Hool is reflected in the Exqui.City Design Mettis. The flexible platform gives the opportunity to develop a custom made exterior. The design characteristics of the exterior seamlessly continue in the interior. Doing so the vehicle becomes the reflection of your city’s vision on public transport.