GM 500H2

Street Sweeper
Green Machines
The world’s first hydrogen fuel cell sweeper, 100% powered by hydrogen. The fuel cell converts oxygen and hydrogen into electricity that powers the sweeper and the only by product of its usage is clean water. The unique feature of this sweeper is that it enables you to switch to hydrogen even if you lack the hydrogen refueling infrastructure. It’s got everything its predecessor 500ze has to offer, only with one big difference it runs on hydrogen! The best part? You can request an offer to swap the batteries in your 500ze with one of the two hydrogen options! The first option is a cartridge system with H2-PODS, this allows an exchangeable cylinder to be used, if there is not a Hydrogen filling station available. Second option using a fixed Hydrogen tank, this will allow the use of standard Hydrogen refueling stations. Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth, Hydrogen is an alternative fuel that has very high energy content by weight, its clean and extremely enviromentally friendly, the only by- product is clean water! The 500H2 gives even more options and flexibility to the customer, which will allow them to meet their environmental commitments locally and nationally.