H2.City Gold

The Caetano H2.City Gold is the new Caetano electric bus powered by hydrogen. This is an innovative solution that enhances the economic and environmental benefits of hydrogen, moving towards a carbon-free society. We are thereby taking a significant step in the development of zero emission mobility solutions for public transport. The H2.City Gold stands out due to its modular design, longer range, capacity, comfort, safety and easy use. Available in LHD and RHD versions with 2 or 3 doors, it easily adapts to any urban environment. This new bus reinforces our commitment to developing environmentally-friendly transport solutions, complementing the portfolio of Caetano electric buses. The H2.City Gold offers greater flexibility to the operation as there is no longer the need to stop for charging during long journeys. In addition, it has a superior performance as it eliminates the harmful gases, compared with diesel or hybrid buses.