Street Sweeper
Global Environmental Products
Global M4 ZE-Series Street Sweeper is a high-performance Heavy Duty Street Sweeper that utilizes a High Capacity Hopper and Robust Sweeping System. Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell System, we are proud to offer a Street Sweeper that produces ZERO EMISSIONS at all times! Electric Drive System and Sweeping System is Ultra Quiet yet very powerful! It incorporates the same modern, comfortable and well appointed operator's cab, the toughest and most rugged mechanical sweeping system ever built, the M4ZE is designed to take on the worst of the worst sweeping conditions, however it will outperform in daily sweeping conditions such as light sweeping and leaf pick up. With optional Heady Duty Sweeping Package, Global M4ZE will sweep sand, gravel up to 3-Tons per Minute. The sweeping speed of 5 - 11 mph allows for a very efficient operation The compact design, exceptional maneuverability (18.5' Turning Radius), perfect for any cul-de-sac, and superb visibility make this a perfect choice for any municipal/governmental agency that is looking for a street sweeper that reduces travel time.