MT 1840 H2

Off-road Vehicle
Inventor of the first all-terrain forklift truck, Manitou used its expertise to design a construction telescopic handler with performance never before seen on the market: the MT and MHT ranges, specially dedicated to handling heavy and bulky loads, in models from 4 to 18 metres. These new-generation motorized machines are now used by the most demanding construction professionals: masonry, cladding, tunneling, roofing, structure, renovation... Their performance makes them indispensable machines for optimizing operations (movement/loading, lifting, transporting loads, lifting people) and ensuring perfect safety on site. Manitou construction telehandlers offer features that are often unequaled in the material handling market: - Great versatility thanks to several interchangeable attachments and different steering modes; - Modular dashboard and easily accessible cab; - Perfect manoeuvrability; - Robustness, increased resistance to shocks; - Comfort, ergonomics and 360-degree visibility from the cab...