Q-Light (QLI) FCEV

Light-duty vehicle
Thanks to its wide range of superstructures the QLI FCEV can be used flexibly in different areas of application, e.g. in the logistics industry o ras a delivery vehicle. Thanks to its quiet and emission-free drive, the transporter can also be used during the day and at night. The payload of the QLI FCEV is analogous to that of a comparable diesel vehicle, the same applies for the refueling time. The special feature of the QUANTRON design is that all drive components are stowed in the chassis, which means there are no restrictions on the superstructure. On board is a powerful fuel cell with 45 kW max. power. Thanks to the 8.2 kg of hydrogen, the QLI FCEV manages a long range of up to 500 km – a true benchmark in the market.