Sales & Operations Management SaaS Offer

App / Webportal
"Our Sales and Operations Management SaaS Offer provides to Hydrogen Station Operators a large number of features. Based on our On Stop Shop Platform, S&OM digitalizes hydrogen distribution operations for mobility, stationary and industrial usages Providing a breakthrough User Experience and a suitable solution to retail hydrogen & to steer distribution operations, FillnDrive adapts to your needs ! S&OM provides to the Station Operator the following main features : To manage accredited Customer Fleets and Drivers authorisation for refueling at your Hydrogen stations To implement tailor-made business conditions to each customer and to manage full scope of sales administration from enrolling to invoicing. To Monitor remotely in real time refueling operations To Analyse data and KPI on the availabiltiy and efficiency of your Station Dispsensers To manage hydrogen supply & stock. To communicate in real time with you customer Fleet Managers and Drivers on Station issue, unavailability and planned maintenance operations. To provide to Customer Fleet Managers access to thier own refueling data and KPI via the Fleet Manager Webportal, which enables each fleet manager to monitor its needs and conception and to adapt energy refilling organization to his own business."