Nolwenn Belleguic - Lhyfe

Deputy CEO and Head of HR and Communications

Every hero has an extraordinary story – here is that of Nolwenn Belleguic, Deputy CEO and Head of HR and Communications at Lhyfe, who has been working in the hydrogen field for four years.

Peter Parker became Spiderman after a bite by a radioactive spider; what bit you with hydrogen?

It was Matthieu Guesné, our CEO, with whom I had the good fortune to found Lhyfe. At the time, I wasn’t really familiar with hydrogen, but, like him, I was ready to fight for the future of my children. His project, his views on energy, his courage and his optimism immediately won me over. Four years later, I am more involved than ever in a real battle to at last make way for a clean and virtuous energy model, using hydrogen in particular.

There is a lot of talk about the technical advances in hydrogen, but what role does communication play in all of this?

Our role is extremely important. Hydrogen is still little or poorly understood while the role it can play in energy transition is substantial. So it is up to us to make this new topic accessible and understandable and do everything possible to enable the renewable hydrogen industry to develop massively and rapidly. Massively, because we absolutely must replace anything that generates CO2 emissions by clean solutions. Rapidly, because given the stakes, we need to act fast. Our work consists in explaining hydrogen and its uses in a simple manner so that everyone can become familiar with the topic, spread the word about it and become an agent of change. The more simple we make it to talk about, the more we will succeed in making it an everyday topic. Our task also consists in informing decision makers and the general public in an energy sector where greenwashing has become a game... Many operators make statements and promises but few REALLY undertake a total transition. At Lhyfe, we don’t just state our intentions; we act.

Batman has the Joker, Peter Pan has Captain Hook … what are you fighting against day-to-day?

I am fighting against inertia, as we can change things as of today. We can revolutionise the energy model right now, thanks to all those that resolve to fight global warming, with those who are getting down to the job. Doing. Doing rather than talking. Not putting off doing things just because things take time – we must act now. It is a battle that we must all fight. Lhyfe is playing a part, as are all the “Heroes”.

Can you give three pieces of advice to those who want to start working with hydrogen?

Follow your intuition, listen to your gut feeling and TAKE THE PLUNGE!

When do you think hydrogen will become the norm?

It is already becoming the norm in some regions abroad. It is already the norm for hundreds of businesses which have understood what a difference hydrogen can make. It will be the norm, once and for all, when it is natural to fill up with hydrogen to go on holiday and drive proudly without polluting.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

With a few drops of magic potion, I would replace all the oil platforms with renewable hydrogen production platforms.

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